Transposon Screen
Primary cilia
2-Photon Microscopy
Neural Stem Cell
Neuronal Migration
Optical Tweezers
SideView Technology
Cellular Hepatology


Transposon-Based Genetic Screen Primay Cilia, Development & Cancer

We used transposon-mediated somatic mutagenesis to screen novel genes that potentially involved in cortical development and brain malformations. This innovative method identified over 30 new genes and was published in Nature Communications...>>

Many neural stem cells possess a primary cilium, a tiny cell protrusion known to transduce key extracellular signals. This structure is important for controling their motility, proliferation, and differentiation. Defects in the ciliary functions lead to "ciliopathy" syndromes...>>
Two-Photon In Vivo Microscopy Neural Stem Cell Research

Two-photon microscopy is an advanced technique utilizing non-linear laser optical effects to visualize microscopic structures in the deep tissue. This technique is particularly suitable for the detection of neuronal activities in live animals...>>

Neural stem cells are capable of producing neurons and other glial cell types. During brain development, these cells go through mysterious motile behaviors. There are multiple mechanisms controling their motility, proliferation, and differentiation...>>
Neuronal Migration Neural Developmental Disorders
During brain development, neurons migrate a long distance from their "birth place" to the destination where their reside and make connections. This process is important for the normal development of the nervous system...>> Mutations in LIS1 gene are responsible for Miller-Dieker Syndrome (MDS) and Isolated Lissencephaly Sequence (ILS). Understanding the role of LIS1 at the cellular and molecular level in the control of cell division and neuronal migration is the key for its possible therapeutic use...>>




My previous research interest focused mainly on the studies of biological processes using advanced biophysical techniques. I was especially interested in the development of new optical technologies, e.g., optical tweezers, Side View Technology, etc.

Optical Tweezers
The non-contact and noninvasive tool for manipulating microscopic objects including microorganisms, cells, and even intracellular organelles...>>

Side View Technolgy
The patended Side View Technology allows us to observe cultured cells from their side with high resolution and in REAL TIME...>>


Cellular Hepatology
We study the hepatobiliary secretion and protein sorting mechanisms of polarized liver cells, which form bile canaliculi between neighboring cells...>>


Venom-Platelet Interaction
The snake venom rhodostomin from Malayan pit viper strongly interacts with platelets and triggers intracellular signaling pathways...>>


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